Benefits of Badminton Can Give You the Cardio Workout

    How the Benefits of Badminton Can Give You the Cardio Workout of Your Life

    All of India will be glued to the television as Pusarla V. Sindhu fights her way for gold in India’s first badminton Olympic gold medal match on the 19th of July when history may be made. But how many will even take the word badminton seriously? In India the idea of badminton is more of a picnic game let alone a grueling Olympic sport. You’ll be surprised to know that a professional game of badminton lasting three sets can well give you the cardio of your life several bodily stances are involved similar to some of the most important exercises in fitness and body building.

    Take a look at these badminton stances that require a player to perform these actions. Most of them are similar to common but effective workouts which can well develop your core, give you strength and even improve your flexibility. Here are the benefits of badminton and the relation between badminton and workouts.

    The Lunge

    lungesTake a look at Pusarla Sindhus long lunge across her court. Playing badminton can well make you perform several lunges throughout the game. As you know the lunge targets the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings calves and core. Lunges throughout the game help you exercise these areas and even improve your agility.


    burpessWe all know Burpees require jumping. But while Burpees in a gym may amount to boring, a game of badminton helps you achieve the same effect each time you jump for that shuttle to perform those smashes and power shots.


    stretchesEach time you reach out that hand for replying to a drop shot or even lunge to reach a far placed shuttle, your body performs effective stretches to help you improve flexibility and exercise those muscles effectively.

    Core stability

    core stabilityCore stability prevents injury in the lower spine. Thus your core is the lower abdominal area, obliques and lower back. Core stability is required for performing movements such as jumping, twisting and performing fast paced actions. Thus badminton and its plyometric styled movements are providing you a great and effective means of achieving core stability. Burpees, lunges, plyometric, in fact all of badminton movements contribute to a good core workout.

    Endurance through Plyometric Activity

    endurance through plyometricBadminton can well improve your endurance due to the grueling session of alternating and rapid movements. Akin to shuttling, jump training and rapid stretches and movements, you are getting a good dose of plyometric to improve your endurance levels. In fact there is a correlation between plyo and sports like badminton because plyo itself is performed to increase athletic power and achieve a high level of endurance to perform well in the sport

    Shoulder Strength and Power

    shoulder strength and powerA badminton player needs considerable shoulder strength to achieve those hard smashes for winning points. Pusarla Sindhu’s smashes are phenomenal and so is her agility and power as she jumps high to get a smash. The benefits of Badminton will increase your upper body strength and give it that power needed for any sport.

    Apart from all of these, badminton can give you your own HIIT workout where the game can tire the most seasoned of athletes. So next time you think of a good cardio, play a game of badminton instead as badminton and workouts go hand in hand.