The Relation between Body Types and Muscle Training

The Relation between Body Types and Muscle Training

Did you know that there is a definite relation between body types and muscle training? Your body type also impacts your physiology. There are three distinct body types which dictate how you should exercise, diet and basically everything that impacts the physiology of your body.

With so many conflicting training protocols, nutrition guides and multiple diets, it can become confusing to find out which is best suited to your body. The revelation of your body type will help you understand what foods and what body types and training is compatible for you to obtain the biggest gains in terms of health, bodily development and muscle growth. Basically there are three types, ECTOMORPHS, ENDOMORPHS and MESOMORPHS. This article explains the three types to enable you a better understanding of your own physiology. How your metabolism works and how you tend to gain weight.


bruce leeThe Ectomorph is a skinny body type with a light fame, lean muscle and small joints. Ectomorphs also have long limbs with stringy muscles; even shoulders have a smaller width in comparison to others. Yes Bruce Lee is a classic Ectomorph.

Characteristics of an Ectomorph:

  • Thin delicate frame, flat chested
  • Small bone structure, small shoulders
  • Small “delicate” frame and bone structure
  • Lean muscle
  • Difficulty in gaining weight
  • Fast rate of metabolism

Because of a fast metabolic rate, Ectomorphs gain weight slowly all because calories are burned faster. That sounds music to anyone’s ears doesn’t it? An Ecto will need to consume a lot of calories to gain weight.

Diet and Training for Ectomorphs

muscle beastIn relating body types and muscle training, An Ectomorph’s workout should be brief short bursts of intensity training while concentrating on the larger muscle groups. Ectos are also advised to consume supplements to replenish lost calories and nutrients due to their increased rate of metabolism. Muscle beast 5 lbs from would be ideal for Ectomorphs to gain muscle mass too. Eating just before you sleep is also recommended for an Ecto, in fact a protein shake before bed would be great to prevent muscle catabolism while sleeping. Since fat burn is easy for Ectos, it also becomes easier in gaining lean muscle.

Cardio should be done only thrice a week and not more than thirty minutes as Ectos don’t need much of cardio to lose weight except for maintaining cardiovascular health. Strength training and weight training is also recommended. While Ectos can put away almost anything, it would be good to focus on a diet of rich protein and healthy fats.


supermanThis is a solid body type which is also abit soft. Endomorphs gain weight easily and are shorter in stature with stocky arms and legs. Endomorphs have strong muscles especially in upper legs and that’s why endo’s perform better at leg workouts such as the squat. As a teen Henry Cavill of superman fame was a fat endomorph till he honed his body to become what it is today

Characteristics of an Endomorph

  • Rounded and soft body
  • Stocky short build
  • Difficult to lose fat
  • Undefined muscles
  • Slow metabolic rate

Diet and Training for Endomorphs

Where body type and training for endomorphs is concerned, these gain weight very fast and the disadvantage is that it’s from fat, not muscle. Endomorphs should introduce a lot of cardio in their body building regimes along with weights to lose fat. Endomorphs don’t require supplements if they are on a diet that provides them a rich source of protein. Their body does the rest.

HIIT or high intensity interval training would be great for endomorphs. In fact endomorphs can frequent the gym as often putting in at least four days of weight training which should be the main focus of their workouts. Foods low in glycemic index and a mix of healthy carbs, proteins and only healthy fats should constitute an endomorph diet.


arnoldThe athletic body type with large healthy bone structure, muscular frame and athlete’s physique. Mesomorphs are most compatible with bodybuilding because it’s easy for them to gain weight and pack on muscle. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a good example of a Mesomorph

Characteristics of a Mesomorph

  • Athletic and muscular physique
  • Hard body with defined muscles
  • Rectangle shaped and strong
  • Easily gains muscle
  • Gains fat better than ectomorphs

Diet and Training for Mesomorphs

Mesomorphs even if they are beginners respond to bodybuilding and training well. The only disadvantage is that they gain fat faster then ectomorphs but as long as they limit calories they’re fine. Mesomorphs do well in all workouts but perform better in a  cardio and weight training combine. Mesomorphs should stick to a normal diet of healthy carbs and proteins. Meso’s don’t need to bother about fat as they would get it from their proteins too. Healthy Fats should be consumed only when energy levels are depleted.

Concerning  body type and muscle training, Mesomorphs are the lucky ones who gain the most from workouts. However regardless of what body type you are, with determination and hard work, even skinny Ectos can pack on solid muscle as long as you focus on the right protocols of training and maintain a healthy diet.