6 Top Bodyweight Exercises to Increase Body Strength

    6 Top Bodyweight Exercises to Increase Body Strength

    Training the old fashioned way includes mainly bodyweight workouts which can nowadays classify as calisthenics. Calisthenics focuses solely on minimalism, simplicity and the elimination of distractive elements.
    Adding to the classics of bodyweight workouts like pull-ups, push-ups, dips and squats are the variations of these exercises that should be incorporated in daily workouts to enhance your body’s strength, health and muscular form. Check out the topic of the 6 top bodyweight exercises that you should be doing:

    Close-Grip Chin-Up

    pull ups narrow gripClose-Grip Chin-ups target the biceps to a greater degree than most other bodyweight exercises. 3 sets of 15 reps each, can really stress out your biceps. Your upper back also receives a substantial amount of stress from this workout as the muscles in this part engaged in the movement. Even this exercise of pulling your bodyweight requires the use of the lats and all other arm muscles.
    In one sense this could be the possible counterpart of the bodyweight skull-crusher  as they tend to focus on antagonistic muscle groups along with intense core workout movements. With this exercise, your upper body’s physique becomes more balanced and symmetrical.

    Bodyweight Skull-Crusher

    bodyweight skull crusherThe skull-crusher is basically a triceps extension requiring the use of a bench and a barbell (or dumbbell) for resistance. However in the case of a bodyweight skull-crusher use a horizontal bar and perform the same pattern of movements with your bodyweight as the leverage against the bar. This workout not only targets the triceps but also the shoulders, back, abs and chest, since the absence of the bench makes you rely only on your own body to provide stability to execute the movements.

    Handstand Push-Ups

    handstand push upsThe primary muscles targeted in this push-up variation are the shoulder muscles. Similar to the bodyweight skull-crusher, you’d have to keep your entire body compact and steady, meaning you use several other muscles to maintain stability while executing the movements.
    It is better to begin this exercise against a wall. Keep your elbows locked from the very beginning to prevent any slip-ups and proceed with the movement. Through the entire duration of this exercise, your abs and glutes play an important role in keeping your back straight and preventing it from bending too much. To emphasize more on the triceps in this exercise, simply narrow your hand placement.

    Shrimp Squat

    Shrimp SquatShrimp squats are quite similar to the standard back lunge. However, there is one major difference and that is the rear foot stays in an elevated position in this exercise, rather than being on the ground. This way the load on one leg increases exponentially. Thus be sure to train both legs evenly. It is a unilateral leg exercise also referred to as the- skater squat. It is recommended that you use one hand to hold onto to your elevated foot’s ankle while performing this, for better balance. These squats can really extend or stretch the hip flexors and the quadriceps, so execute it cautiously.

    Windshield Wipers

    windshield wipersWindshield wipers radically limit your points of contact by positioning your entire body in a vertical plane to create a mechanical disadvantage against gravity. In this case, the hands are the only points of contact while the motion range has been altered. For this exercise use an overhand grip and upon reaching the top, (without bending the elbows) remember to rotate your trunk in order to be able to move your legs from one side to the other. This twisting targets the serratus and oblique muscles. This may be tough to perform correctly at first, but it soon becomes seemingly enjoyable as it works out both the upper and lower body muscles simultaneously.

    Single-Leg Bridge

    single leg bridgeLie on your back, knees bent with feet flat on the floor. Keep your arms by your sides and while pressing down on the floor with your feet raise your hips as high as possible to squeeze the glutes. Lift one leg of the floor above the hips to assume a perpendicular position against the ground. This will definitely maximize pressure on the leg that is maintaining your posture, on the ground. Therefore, train both legs properly to develop impressive strength in the posterior chain.
    Incorporating these 6 top bodyweight exercises into your training schedule will undoubtedly benefit your muscle growth and strength building. Also this might serve as a new challenge in testing your body to see how strong and capable it really is.