Carb Cycling and How to Use It for Weight Loss

A carb cycling diet is one of the most effective diets proved by research to lose weight and improve physique. It has been advocated by several nutritionists and trainers alike followed in turn by bodybuilders, athletes and celebrities alike. However carb cycling can be complex in its method and should never be trifled with. Unless you know how to carb cycle you shouldn’t really mess around with it.

With the proper implementation carb cycling contributes to fat loss in a much more desirable manner as it allows you to eat your favorite foods and carbs without rigid restrictions. To understand carb cycling on needs to understand how carbs influence our bodies.

How Carbs Influence Your Body

How Carbs Influence Your BodyAfter consumption, Carbs are broken down into glucose and enter the blood stream. Insulin  then recovers sugars form the blood which is why you can experience increased insulin from excess consumption of sugar through fizzy drinks and sweets. Insulin levels are low when consuming sugar from vegetables and grains. Over the years there has been a misconception that insulin removes glucose for the purpose of storing it as fat but actually it’s the other way round. Insulin instructs the body to burn glucose.

Carbs Are an Extremely Important Source of Immediate Energy for Your Body’s Cells

Decreasing carbs from your body is dangerous as it will increase stress and reduce the efficacy of hormones required for muscle building and fat loss. Although If you live a sedentary life without much physical activity, then sticking to a low carb diet is ideal for you but for all those who are active with travelling and working out, carb cycling is a good diet to observe.

What Is Carb Cycling?

Carb Cycling That Actually WorksA Carb Cycling Diet is nothing but regulating your carb intake increasing on some days and decreasing it on others.

Your high carb days will increase muscle gain and performance while low carb days will result in fat loss.

In such a way you maintain your ideal intake of carbs as well as a regular and consistent intake of proteins and fats as well.

Carb cycling also negates the effects of adaptive thermogenesis by signaling to your body that it isn’t starving. Surprisingly though, those who are fat and have excess weight won’t need to carb cycle. You just need to maintain your calorie deficit. Whereas it is the lean ones who find it hard to lose weight. That may sound like a false statement but that is what the condition of thermogeneisis is all about where your body lacks the ability to differentiate between dieting and starving. Thus it activates the same mechanism to counter any weight loss by adapting to energy restrictions thereby returning your body to its original weight.good carbs

The Two Main Rules of Carb Cycling diet

  • On gym days and intense workout days, eat starch based carbohydrates, fruits, proteins and vegetables along with healthy fats.
  • On rest days and days of cardio do not eat any starchy carbs. Eat only protein, veggies, healthy fats and a little bit of fruit.

That’s all there is to carb cycling. You just need to remember to eat the same amount of protein, fats and vegetables throughout the week and restrict carbs totally on cardio and rest days. If you go out to dine where there is a chance of eating a lot of carbs make sure your workout falls on that day.

Typical Carb Cycling Week

  • Monday: Wednesday and Fridays: intense workout: High carb intake
  • Tuesdays: Thursday: Saturday & Sunday: Rest day: Low carb intake

Always eat good carbohydrates like: Sweet potato, Quinoa, Brown rice, Whole grain bread, Whole wheat pasta and oatmeal. Avoid bad carbs such as Pizzas, cakes, muffins, white bread, pastries and cereal. For snacks consume items like baby carrots and bananas.carb cycle