Four Core Exercises for Women Athletes to Improve Pull Up Strength

Not those female athletes are any less motivated and committed than their male counterparts, but female athletes may experience problems in pull up efficiency. The main reason why pull ups are harder for women is because of more muscle mass on their lower body as compared to men.

But!! With commitment and dedication any female athlete with a healthy BMI shouldn’t find it difficult to perform pull ups. The main requirement is core strength necessary for optimizing your training so that you avoid any sort of injury. Here are four core exercises for women athletes to improve pull up strength and endurance

What to remember when performing pull ups

Pull ups isn’t just about arm strength but body strength whose source is a strong back and core. The lats too are involved in pull ups. Thus with strong lats and a strong core, your pull ups will improve a lot. The four exercises in question are all about strengthening core through lats and transverse abdominus. It also focuses on biceps and rhomboids. Remember your grip is important too.

  1. Medicine Ball Rollouts on Knees

Medicine Ball Rollouts on KneesThe best way to start any core program is from the knees. This reduces initial strain on the back. Always keep your shape straight right form your head to knees.

Go down on your knees and place your forearms on the ball. Arms should be tucked into chest. Abs should be braced and keep your back straight. Your butt should be tucked in not stuck out. Extend your elbows right out with shoulders flexed. Now roll the back in using your lats to perform the same action as if you were performing a pull up.  Perform 15 reps.

  1. Medicine Ball Rollouts on Feet

Medicine Ball Rollouts on FeetThis core exercise for women requires increases stability through your core and is harder than the previous exercise. Remain on your feet with forearms on the ball. As usual arms should be tucked into the chest and body shape straight as if in a diagonal plank. It is important to brace your transverse abs the entire time for spinal support.

If you are experiencing ‘banana back’ when rolling the ball out, start with small movements and only roll the ball out a little way, maintaining a straight shape through the core. Roll the ball out and again in starting with small movement first. Again perform 15 reps.

  1. Medicine Ball – Lat Pull-Ins

Medicine Ball Lat Pull InsThe hardest of these four core exercises for pull up strength placing strain on the core and lats. You need to balance with your transverse abs that helps you maintain a strong frame for pull ups. Remember to keep your core braces and flex your shoulders while pulling yourself back towards the ball. Shoulders and wrists should be aligned. Perform 15 reps.

  1. Army Crawls

Gliding Army CrawlStretch your arms in fort of you. With your abs braced pull yourself inwards and forwards using your lats. Now repeat the motion moving forward. This will also be the same initiated during a pull up. Repeat 15 reps.

The main reason for a strong functional core is crucial to posture, mobility, strength, flexibility and balance. A strong core will help you improve your pull up work outs and also maintain the proper posture. These four core exercises for women to perform improved pull ups are targeted at those women without the means to frequent a gym everyday. These can also be performed at home.