Egg Yolk Benefits Body Building, So Don’t Throw It Away

Egg Yolk Benefits Body Building, So Don’t Throw It Away

Egg yolk at one time was considered unhealthy to consume especially if you aspired to be a body builder. While egg whites were praised for their benefits, egg yolk was actually the ingredient to be thrown away. Well no more! Nutritionists have proved and justified how egg yolk benefits body building. Research studies have observed that in building muscle and general health, egg yolk had a major role to pay in being a rich source of ingredients that you could turn to your advantage.

dont throw away egg yolkTill now the main reason for the growing concerns against egg yolk was the presence of saturated fat which obviously increased the risk of cardiovascular disease. However in the present 21st century, in-depth analysis and experimentation has revealed a lot about saturated fats. Not all saturated fat impacted cardiovascular health in a negative way. Stearic acid for example is actually converted I the liver to mono unsaturated fat. A major part of egg yolk contains stearic acid and there was no evidence linking stearic acid to bad cholesterol.

The main reason why saturated fat got such a bad reputation was because of high cholesterol. This along with a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet impacted cardiovascular disease in a he negative way putting one at risk of heart attacks, stroke and diabetes. But! Although egg contains a lot of dietary cholesterol but it does not impact an individual who lives a healthy lifestyle consisting of physical exercise, proper diet and who wasn’t obese. In fact studies have proved that high cholesterol levels was more of a genetic problem that being caused by saturated fat.

Contrary to what you may have believed so far, egg yolk benefits body building where cholesterol is also important to certain levels. For a person working out at the gym and for the body builder, cholesterol is important as it leads to the building up of testosterone and that very important when you’re trying to improve your performance in body building. Don’t ever think that consumption of cholesterol leads to increase of blood cholesterol. This holds true only for people who lack any kind of physical activity.

What You Need To About Eggs

rocky eating egg yolkFor the fitness people and for all bodybuilders, eggs constitute a major dietary source of protein especially for those who can’t consume certain types of meat due to social limitations. In fact raw egg at one time was considered the best way to get pumped up for the day just like Rocky Balboa. But this practice was considered unhealthy especially today where illness associated with food is rampant. Boiled is always the best. Where protein quality and sources of amino acids is concerned Eggs remain on top of the charts as compared to other foods.

Eggs are also a rich source of essential nutrients which are found in abundance in the yolk. Don’t throw out your Egg yolk as it’s important for your muscle building regime.

The Benefits of Egg Yolk

nutritional value eggsEgg yolk has three times more calories than egg white and almost the same protein levels including some really important nutrients such as:

Choline: an essential nutrient responsible for the production of a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine. This impacts lipid metabolism which increase the production of neurotransmitters in the body. Neurotransmitters lay a major role in establishing proper communication between the heart organs and basically the whole physiological system.

Vitamin D: Although sunlight is a major source of vitamin D, egg yolk is another dietary source of this fat soluble vitamin. Vitamin D is essential for strong bones and immune system. It also plays a major role in maintaining good muscle health.

Essential fat soluble vitamins: the variety of essential vitamin in egg yolk helps muscle building especially. Leucine for instance is one of the major amino acids necessary for muscle development. Egg yolk benefits body building and has a rich profile of amino acids and calorific value that contributes to muscle growth.