Common Hamstring Workout Mistakes Made by Sportsmen

    Common Hamstring Workout Mistakes Made by Sportsmen and How to Fix Them

    For sprinters, footballers, and bodybuilders alike, the hamstring plays a significant role in training and contests alike. It is the hamstring that determines your performance in deadlifts and supports quads during squats. All athletes need strong hamstrings for every game. However, the hamstring is sometimes the least priority in training and many hamstring workout mistakes are made in regards to hamstring exercise. Poor hamstring training is the main reasons for leg soreness for days.

    hamstring painYou need to start paying more attention to your hamstrings in terms of fitness and training. A common mistake of hamstring training is the main reason for weak hamstrings.

    Poor Focus

    Beginners especially will only focus on leg training when performing presses, extensions squats and maybe leg curls but never the hamstring. Without improving your hamstrings, your legs aren’t going to get big at all. Even if you develop your own routine, you still need to focus on the hamstring regardless of being a bodybuilder or just into general fitness.

    Performing too Simple Workouts

    In order to work out your hamstrings you need to develop a routine that will pay more attention on your hamstrings so that they get an intense and thorough but safe workout. In fact detailed attention is imperative to develop hamstrings effectively.

    Be aware of the Negatives of Hamstring Training

    hamstring strainIn bodybuilding, it is more the lifting part but not the negatives which is focused upon. But of late sports coaches are now focusing on this aspect due to athletes always tearing hamstrings both in athletics and the playing field.

    Therapists are now realizing eccentric hamstring exercises can actually address the need for the attention lost over hamstring performance. Eccentric negative workouts reduce the risk of repeated injuries. Eccentric negative workouts breakdown muscles faster so that recovery period is faster and growth is increased. Negative workouts mean the eccentric portion of the workout for example when lifting weights it’s the opposite action of lowering the weight which forms the eccentric part of the workout. No one pays attention to that but surprisingly that too is part of working out, it isn’t the end of the exercise.

    Lifting too Heavy Weights

    Never think that lifting over and above your capacity is going to make you a bodybuilder overnight. You have to gradually build up that strength and capacity. While it’s ok to challenge your limits, it is more the correct way of workouts and movements that make the difference. It’s a matter of quality being better than quantity.

    Not paying individual attention to both hamstrings

    While your arms are always enjoying individual focus and attention, it’s never the same for your legs let alone the hamstrings. This is a common hamstring workout mistake made by all.

    The Solution to Fixing Your Hamstring Problems

    Now that the main problems are out in the open its time to focus on the positive aspect of what you can do about it. Here are some effective strategies that will address all of the above problems with the right solutions. You’ll definitely see improvement

    Keep an Exclusive Day for Hamstrings

    Hamstring ExerciseAllot a special day for your hamstrings. Extend your workout routine by one day dedicated to hamstrings. You could also split your leg workout day into two sections or alternately you could work on your hamstrings o your day off.

    If you are restricted by too many external commitments which don’t allow an extra day then focus on your hamstrings first on your leg day so that they enjoy that initial fresh spurt of energy.

    Start Light First

    Once you’re geared up and ready to go start on lighter weights first. Try to perfect the execution of the exercise and mentally connect with the muscle. Always warm up first.

    Focus on Negatives

    Apply your knowledge of eccentric workouts on your hamstrings. The eccentric negative part of the workout should also be performed for 3 to 5 seconds. Once you perform each negative for six seconds easily, you can start increasing weight

    Example of a Negative while Lifting

    • 1 second lifting
    • 1 second hold
    • 3 seconds lowering
    • 1 second holding before next rep

    Stretches should be a Serious Part of Workouts

    stretchesMake sure you do stretches before, during and even after your workout. This doesn’t mean just a few warm up stretches or touching your toes. Stretches should be a serious part of workouts.

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    Some great Exercises for Hamstrings

    Floor Glute Ham Raise: 3 sets, 12 reps with 90 secs rest between setsGlute Ham Raise
    Single Leg Curl: 3 sets, 15 reps with 90 sec rest between setssingle leg curl
    Stiff legged Deadlift on Platform: 3 sets, 10 reps with 90 sec rest between setsdeadlift

    So there you have it. Focus on the hamstring workout mistakes and run the new programme for at least a month and record the difference in your legs. You’ll not be disappointed.