Methods of Dieting to Burn Fat & Increase Muscle Growth

Scientific Methods of Dieting to Burn Fat and Increase Muscle Growth

Losing that right amount of fat isn’t easy. Just when you feel you’ve gone on a strict diet expecting results, you find you’ve lost nothing. The art of losing fat is to hack your body’s system into making it believe a certain condition that may or may not be there. In short, you’ve got to outwit your body’s mechanism to burn fat.

The below mentioned methods of diet have been formulated from thorough scientific research to derive diets that burn fact so efficiently that it produces results. Try any of these two scientific methods of dieting to burn fat and increase muscle growth

Intermittent Fasting (IF)

intermittent fastingWhat you should always remember about your body is that it is always either in a state of feeding or fasting. Even when you may not be eating, your body is in fed state if you’ve consumed a meal a while ago. There are many who just don’t allow their bodies to burn calories by packing in food constantly. In this way even exercising depends on current sources of energy and fat. This is why you don’t lose weight.leangains daily intermittent fasting

  1. Sample Chart for Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a methodical structured diet that includes certain periods where you don’t eat at all or fast. There are many protocols of intermittent fasting so you need to explore one that suits you best. One of these which I’m using as an example only is to fast 24 hours every three to five days. In this way the calories are totally shut off and your metabolism resorts to burning fat from your fat stores. Your body resorts to this fat for fuel. According to research IF is one of the effective ways to burn fat because it increases fat oxidation in the body and helps you to burn fat more effectively.

Intermittent fasting should be longer than your usual periods of fast

Intermittent fasting can also be done every day if you choose a period of say 16 hours to fast. The best timings would be between 9 pm to 1pm. From 1 to 9pm you should eat your normal diet along with your protein shake preferably post workout and BCAAS in the morning during pre workout hours. Never fast for more than 30 hours as this would prove negative instead. Try to restrict your food intake across 8 hours a day.

Carb Cycling

This is another scientific method of dieting that requires you to observe alternating periods of carbohydrate intake. Sometimes high and sometimes low. When your low on carbs, your body’s storage of glycogen is depleted, thus your body has no alternative than to switch to fat for energy which results in fat burn. The period of high carbs again replenishes glycogen stores which cause an increase in insulin transporting nutrients that have been absent till now to the muscles which are stored for future usage.
The continuous high and low periods of carb intake upsets the metabolic regulator in your body which then forces both the fat burn and muscle building to remain activated.

The Method of Carb Cycling

Carb cycling is a bit more complicated than IF. It requires you to determine how much should be your calorie intake and macronutrients you require during the carb cycle of high and low. Help form a nutritionist is advised or refer to some good nutrition forums.

  • Low carb days: Proteins up to 50% of your required calorie intake. Carbs up to 20% remaining should depend on fats.
  • High carb days : Protein up to 40%, carbs 50%, fats less than 20%carb cyling

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  1. Sample Chart for Carb Cycling

The ratios of macronutrients and how many days you should observe carb cycling depends on your metabolism, physical activity and bodily response to carbohydrate. The best suggestion is to observe just one high carb day once a week for the first one or two months. Then gradually increase to one high carb day every 3 or 4 days. High carb days should always be on the days of high intensity workouts to contribute to muscle recovery and growth.

Some may question the authenticity of high carb days but on the contrary low carb diets besides contributing to fat burn come with several negative issues such as food cravings, loss of energy, fatigue and reduced strength. This can be dangerous for body builders as it doesn’t influence protein synthesis or muscle growth. Alternating between low carbs and high carbs stimulates metabolism, reduces the constant craving for foods and sweets. During carb cycling, low carb days result in fat burn while high carb days increase anabolism and muscle growth.

Both these structured and scientific methods of dieting can benefit you immensely in both weight loss and muscle building programs achieving both simultaneously.