5 Non Cardio Methods to Burn Fat

People who are not into endurance sports, hence don’t train in intense cardio sessions, and instead opt for weight training or lifting. But still no matter what training method you choose, it all depends on how well you perform them for them to have an impact on your body.

Many people doing lifting/weight training normally do not work out on treadmills or other cardio related machines. They seem focused on what they think is best for their body and goal. Suppose their goal is to burn fat, thereby lose weight and pack on muscle to achieve an awesome figure. Then they would train using workout methods that don’t involve much cardio but are just right for their goal. Here are 5 non cardio methods for burning fat.

Circuit Training

barbell circuit trainingCircuit training involves alternating between your upper body workouts and lower body workouts. For instance you do one set of any upper body workout, then proceed to do one set of the lower body workout. Thus by alternating in this manner perform a total of 3-4 sets of each with little rest between each set of the two workouts. This will not only keep your rate beating at a steady pace but also will tire out your entire body. It also allows your body to switch to an aerobic based energy system burns fat from the entire to provide you with the energy to keep going.

Use Lighter Weights

Use Lighter WeightsUsing light weights helps you improve endurance thus making it slightly similar to cardiovascular exercises, meaning your cardio will benefit too. By using lighter weights you will be able to do more repetitions that will boost strength and even increase the size of your muscles. In addition it will shape you muscles showing off the clear cut lines that appear when your muscles are fully developed and are as hard as a rock. Also for circuit training lighter weights are much better.

Apply the Basic Concept of Multi-joint Exercises

Multi joint ExercisesMulti-joint exercises include-deadlifts, squat, bent-over rows and bench presses to activate and workout various muscle groups are the best non cardio methods to burn fat. Other than the traditional weight lifting exercises, other exercises like the farmers walk and tire flipping are some great lifting plus endurance workout that are guaranteed to make you lose fat as it involves using almost every joint and muscle to get through these exercises.

Set a Goal

Set a Goal to burn fatIf your main goal is burning fat, this type of training strategy is the best suited for your goal. However, if bulking up and enhancing strength is your goal, then this strategy will not be so beneficial. For this kind of goal normal straight sets are way better.

Time each Circuit to be 2-5 minutes

each Circuit to be 2-5 minutesTo induce the aerobic energy production system, the sets or circuit needs to be more than 2 minutes long. Thus perform 6 or more exercises (keep it to 8 exercises maximum) of 10 reps each. Perform the exercises at a systematic and controlled pace, with each set lasting 45 seconds. After completing the circuit, rest for 3 minutes and then continue over again. This makes it similar to interval training and you need to keep performing circuits for at least 20 minutes. This way you can even obtain cardiovascular benefits, from non cardio methods to burn fat.

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Francis Alpin is a socio (hons) student from St Xaviers College Kolkata. He is a red belt 1 in Taekwondo and is active in national Level tournaments. He is an upcoming free lance writer with a penchant for health and fitness and martial arts.