Four Standing Core Workouts for Women to Get Great Sculpted Abs

Four Standing Core Workouts for Women to Get Great Sculpted Abs

Till now you have no doubt read about all those abs and core workouts such as planks that require you to perform exercise on the floor. But!! Did you know there are just as effective workouts you can perform to get a beautiful sculpted abs and a strong healthy core by workouts performed standing up? Women especially need that flattened tummy to look hot and what better way to get in than the confines of your own home or personal gym where you can work out uninterrupted.

Workouts performed standing benefit your core back and hips. These moves that you’re about to see not only will have you looking body beautiful they’re great if you’re having back and neck pain too.  Here are the best standing core workouts for women guaranteed to strengthen your core and make your abs look hot from every angle.

Standing Core Stabilizer Workout

Standing Core stabilizer workoutWith feet apart just the same widths as your hips take a dumbbell about 7 pounds and hold it with both hands. Keep your arms outstretched in front of you parallel to the ground and as high as your chest. Semis rotate your torso to the far right as much as possible and repeat to the left. Do 10 such reps.

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Reverse Woodcutter/Dumbbell Chop

Dumbbell ChopWith a dumbbell with similar weight held by both hands and feet apart in the same distance as workout one. With knees bent rotate your body to the right so that your arms stretch and move to the outside of your right thigh. Then perform a diagonal swing towards your left shoulder and then straighten your legs. Now perform a reverse of the same movement in the opposite direction. Do 10 reps switch sides after 5 reps. Among standing core workouts for women this is sure to work

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Oblique Bends

Oblique bendsWith feet apart in hip width stand with both arms above your head. Palms should be placed behind your head so that your elbows are stretched wide. Now bend sideways and lift you right knee towards your right elbow. Then perform the same movement with the left elbow and knee. Perform 20 reps by switching sides after 10 reps.

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The Warrior Balance Stance

warrior balance stanceWith a barbell in your hand stand on your right leg and lift your left knee up keeping it parallel to the ground. Then stretch your left leg back as your torso moves and stretches forward so that your entire body forms an inverted perpendicular to the ground. You can also do this without the barbell and extend your arms stretched outward for more balance. Hold the position for a moment then reverse position. Two positions make up one rep, so do ten reps of both positions. With these four standing core workouts for women, you’re sure to build up those abs and get a flat tummy in no time.

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