A Grueling Ten Minute Workout for Weight Loss and Muscular Energy

A Grueling Ten Minute Workout for Weight Loss and Muscular Energy

You’ve heard about HTT (high intensity training) and the benefits of intensive quality training in less time, well a new physical study based on parameters of workout research has just formulated an amazing technique based on a 10 minute workout guaranteed to make you lose weight without the need for hi-fi gym gadgetry.

The unique study is actually an experiment to combine HIIT with low intensity workouts and see how it impacted weight loss. The result was phenomenal where just 10 minutes of the workout is enough to produce the desired results. Volunteers with sedentary lifestyles performed these over a period of 12 weeks thrice a week and the cardiovascular results were the same if you performed a 50 minute workout. You will need a cycling machine for this workout.

Here’s The Ten Minute Workout:

Warm up for a few minutes by performing beneficial stretches for your legs, arms and back. It is more or less these sets of muscles that are going to be punished by these 10 minute workout.high intensity interval training

  1. Cycling: 2 Minutes, All Out Sprint 20 Seconds:

Start a low pace and gather up speed moderately, then when 2 minutes are done go all out pedaling like mad till you feel your legs and all your blood vessels are going to burst.

  1. Cycling 2 Minutes, All Out Sprint 20 Seconds

sprintRepeat another 2 minutes 20 seconds. Again return back to the moderate cycling pace and after the 2 minute period kick up into high gear again and sprint as fast as possible. Add as much pressure till you drop.

  1. Cycling 2 Minutes, ALL Out Sprint 20 Seconds

Repeat the same cycle again where this will be the final 2 minutes of moderate cycling to be treated more as a recovery period till you pelt down on those pedals for a last 20 seconds high speed sprint. Push yourself as much as possible even if your calves pain.

Rest and recovery 3 minutes: Even though your body is at rest your metabolism is still under the effect of the high intensity 10 minute workout performed minutes ago and the fast burning is still in process.

cyclingThat’s it!! Your 10 minutes of HIIT are over. This will push your muscles to the ,limits of your endurance and activate the fat burning as well as muscle developing process much more than your regular workout performed for longer periods of time . In such modes of workout, the fat burn continues for several hours longer after your workout even while you’re body is at rest.

If you want to improve further on this fantastic 10 minute workout, perform the same after your resistance training and watch the remarkable results. You’re sure to lose fat and develop your muscular energy.