The Laws of Eating to Develop Muscles

The Laws of Eating to Develop Muscles

Working out to enhance your strength, better your physique and increase overall muscle size will work for you only if you have a proper nutrition plan to back you up. Irrespective of your goal, to pack on muscle you need supply your body the nutrition and supplementation it needs to build muscles.

While eating clean and healthy may seem a bit challenging as compared to eating whatever you feel like, it really pays off in the long run. In other words you will be eating to develop muscles, thereby changing your physique for better. Here are some tips or laws of eating for muscle that you should take note off for your nutritional plan:

Eat More Often

eat oftenTraining burns a lot of calories, meaning you will have to replenish a certain amount of calories each day. Bodybuilders too, eat around 5-8 meals daily in order to keep their mass in proportion. In short eat multiple times a day to gain an increase in size. Supplementation, if necessary should be included.

Take Liquid Calories

Preparing meals takes time and with your fast-going life you must maintain time for everything you do and hence simply can’t afford to spend too much time in the kitchen. Supplementing with energy drinks, protein shakes, energy & protein supplements, and other liquid drinks ensures you get your calories and other nutrients without eating.

Asses and Improvise

If you find that with your current nutritional plan (involving eating more than thrice a day), you aren’t gaining any significant increase in size, then it’s time to improvise. Additional mini-meals can be beneficial, but improvise with it slowly so that your body gradually adapts to eating more without mistaking it for overeating and gaining fat in the bargain.

Indulge in Clean Eating

food sources of various nutrients,The saying- “You are what you eat” implies that eat junk and unhealthy stuff can only end in you having an obese physique, whereas eating healthy and clean begets a fit and mostly lean physique. The essential macro & micro-nutrients required by your body should be supplied to it without fail and not the unnecessary calories.

Must Consume Protein

Proteins are what muscles are made of. On consuming proteins they are broken down within your system into amino acids that are used in repairing damaged muscle tissue, thereby promoting growth. Therefore to build bigger muscles you need to increase your protein intake.

Measure What You Consume

Ensure that you consume 40 grams of protein per day. You can meet this requirement by consuming the following-

  • Low-fat milk- 5 cups
  • Eggs- 6
  • Chicken Breast- 5 ½ ounces
  • Protein Powder- 2 scoops
  • Sirloin- 5 ½ ounces
  • Tilapia- 6 ½ ounces

Cook Your Meals with Care

cooking the right waySelecting the right foods is one thing, but cooking them right is another. As rich as chicken- breast is in protein, its nutritional value will be useless if not prepared with care. As such flavouring with sauces is not an option and rich butter & oils should be avoided.

Stop Consuming Sweet Stuff

Sweet sugary drinks and sodas including all other processed foods shouldn’t be touched at all, if you really want to see .speedy results. This stull can reverse the positive results from training and can potentially damage your body.

Eat Simple Carbs

Consuming simple carbohydrates in comparison to complex ones is much better for your body, in the sense that your energy is sustained with lower insulin responses. This means that your body will not be storing excessive carbohydrates as fat. Thus avoid complex carbohydrate foods like sweet potatoes, whole grains, brown rice etc.

The laws of eating for muscle dictate that glucose drinks should only be drunk after a workout session, since it works as insulin to drive carbohydrates and protein into repairing damaged cells and tissues. But consuming sugar on other occasions only increases body-fat.

Do not avoid Saturated Fats

saturated fat foodProteins from meat sources will definitely give you saturated fats as well. But these fats are necessary for fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E & K, and the production of hormones.  You can get your daily carbohydrate requirement from these fats. However, don’t overeat because it may not have a positive impact you think it will. In fact fish is a more reliable and healthy source for these fats.