How to Improve and Make Your Treadmill Workout More Effective

How to Improve and Make Your Treadmill Workout More Effective

The effectiveness of a treadmill workout depends entirely on your ability and will to progress by pushing through your limits. In other words running slowly on the treadmill for long periods may be effective initially, but it soon becomes a limitation in the way of your progress. If you are unwilling to increase your pace it will be hardly beneficial in even burning fat. Here are some tips on how to improve your treadmill workout.

Don’t always keep moving frontwards

variation movement in treadmillThis basically means to try bringing in some variations and challenges while moving on the treadmill. For instance, try shuffling from side to side or even jogging or walking backwards. While this may appear at first to be a bit playful, it actually has a variety of benefits. It improves your coordination, makes the body work harder all while being a potentially beneficial leg workout. This way you don’t exactly need to increase your pace, but alternate between movements to efficiently workout your ankles, hips and knees.

Incorporate Sprinting

treadmill sprintsSprint for at least 30 seconds at full-speed on the treadmill. However, after 30 seconds do not come to a total halt, instead continue jogging at a lesser speed for a minute and a half. To max out your treadmill workout incorporate sprinting once a week. By sprinting you not only improve on cardio but also strengthen your lower body muscles. Within 20 minutes of this workout, you will definitely be burning more calories in comparison to 45 minutes of jogging.

Incline your Running

incline running in treadmillThis is the best way to improve your treadmill workout. By changing your treadmill platform to an inclined one you get the same workout as you get when jogging up a hill. A steady-paced, low-intensity and long-distanced workout for the lower body that tests your cardio and leg muscles, without exerting much stress on the calves and knees.

Make the correct Adjustments

adjustments in treadmillDesign a schedule wherein some days focus on slow, calm jogs, while other days focus on sprinting and inclined-jogs. Running faster and up steeper paths helps you surpass your own limitations and restrictions.

Add some weight to your Runs

weighted workout in treadmillUse a pair of dumbbells by carrying and running/jogging for 2-3 minutes to add on an effective arm workout along with your cardio and lower body development. This targets namely the biceps and triceps. Ankle weights can further your leg development by increasing the workout intensity. These workouts are best suited for short periods rather than long periods.

Increase your Speed

increase speed in treadmillIn case you have become accustomed to a single steady pace then now would be the time to break that pace and speed up. You don’t exactly to begin sprinting with all your might, just jog faster. If say your speed is around 4 while jogging steadily, increase it to 5. You end up burning more calories faster than ever while at the same time exceeding the boundaries of your cardiovascular limitations. When you improve your treadmill workout, you may however experience early-on fatigue when you begin training but your body will soon overcome this condition as you progress.